Carpets are very expensive and for many people it is hard to replace them again and again but carpets make your house look classy and stylish. Carpets have different fabrics, materials, designs are colors and each design and color is beautiful in its own way that is way people prefer carpet to any other type of flooring. The bad thing about carpets is that they tend to sock dust and dirt very easily. Not just that carpet can sock everything very easily and quickly. That is way carpets get stained and have bad odors.  Stains or dust not removed for too long can become hard and get more difficult to remove that. A person cannot do it by himself without any experience and skills so the best way is to hire professional cleaners to clean your carpet.

There are many professional cleaners and because people are too busy in their lives that they do not get any time for any type of cleaning, it is one reason why carpet cleaning business is growing so fast. These professional are using different methods and techniques to clean the carpet and remove the stains from it. Carpet Cleaning Burlington are using two different techniques, each technique is its own benefits.

Steam cleaning

This type of cleaning requires hot water with very high temperature. The water helps to lose the dust which is stored deep in the carpet. After some type the professional use soap or shampoo to clean the dust and remove the stains. The problem with this type of cleaning is that this method requires too much water and because of that carpet takes too much time to dry off. This method also removes only 75% of dust and stain from the carpet.

Chemdry cleaning

This is also known as dry cleaning because cleaners like use advanced cleaning solutions to remove the dust from the carpet. This method does not require a lot of water so the carpet does not takes too much time to dry off. This method has proved that it can remove 99% of dust and stains from the carpet.