Are you always in a quandary about what to gift that family member, best friend or coworker that seems to have everything and desire nothing?  Start to rethink your gift giving options.  With access to all types of research through the internet, gift giving options are almost endless.  Next time you’re in a gift giving quandary, consider giving the gift of an experience instead of an item that can fade, break or go out of style.  We all have piles of gifts that we’d like to one day re-gift!

Depending on your budget, a trip, a plane ticket or funds towards a plane tickets is always a welcome gift. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon, purchase a nice travel item from Vera Bradley and place the travel gift in an envelope inside of the travel gift. The recipient will be thrilled with your generosity, creativity and thoughtfulness. If funding a trip far exceeds your budget, consider gifts of tickets to the movie theater or an upcoming concert. Enjoy a play, entrance to an exhibit or a nice restaurant will always be great experiences that your gift recipient will treasure. If they tend towards the adventurous side, considering gifting an experience such as a zip line tour, hot air balloon ride or a single flight lesson. You might even spark an interest for a new hobby or sport for yourself in the process of giving the gift of experiences.

Not all gifts come in large or small packages. Many wonderful gifts come from the creativity of the heart. Consider arranging for an old friend to come for a visit as a surprise gift for your friend. The possibilities are endless if you truly give meaningful consideration to activities they might enjoy. Best of luck on your new gift giving journey!