Vaping marijuana doesn’t necessarily mean using dry herbs. Today, many people are using wax and oil marijuana concentrates for medicinal and legal recreational purposes.

Typically, people who prefer to vape waxes and oils use a dab vaporizer pen, a pocket-sized vape that looks a lot like an electronic cigarette. The pens are discreet and able to provide very high quality vapor, provided you select one that is well made.

So what is the best wax vaporizer pen to choose?

The truth is that there isn’t a single best pen out there. Wax and oil pens have different features that make them ideal for different people, so you’ll need to match your needs to the models out there in order to find the right pen.

This guide is designed to make things simpler by introducing you to three of the best wax pen vapes available today.

Best Dab Vaporizer Pen Models

KandyPens Galaxy

Best for vapers that like perfectly smooth vapor, the KandyPens Galaxy features SloBurn technology with a ceramic disc atomizer that gently heats material to prevent combustion and keep the vapor cooler. Completely free of glues that can reduce the purity of vapor, the KandyPens Galaxy has a variable voltage battery that you can set for three different temperatures to customize your experience. Battery life will be the longest when you vape on the lowest setting. Typically, this wax vape pen sells for around $100, and it comes in a variety of colors, to purchase one today see VaporPlants.

G Pen

Selling for only around $60, the GPen wax vaporizer pen is an excellent value and is one of the most popular dab pens on the market today. The vaporizer has a quartz rod atomizer that produces large vapor clouds and brings out the flavors in waxes. Very easy to use with just one button, the dab GPen is ready for use almost instantly, and its battery life will get you through multiple sessions.

Dr Dabber Aurora

Not sure which type of atomizer is right for you? With the Dr Dabber Aurora, you’re guaranteed to get the optimal atomizer for your vaping style and taste. The wax pen vaporizer comes with three atomizers: quartz disc coil-less atomizer, a dual quartz rod atomizer, and a dual ceramic rod atomizer. You’ll be able to try out all three with different types of waxes and find the one that works the best. Magnetic cartridge technology makes it easy to get the atomizers in place, and the Dr Dabber Aurora wax pen is vented to make drawing easy. Like the KandyPens Galaxy, the Aurora tends to sell for around $100.

Getting Started

Before you start shopping for a weed wax pen, it’s important to consider the following:

1. Are you most concerned with cloud size?

If you prefer great big vapor clouds, a hash oil pen with a rod atomizer will give you the results you desire. Coil-wrapped rod atomizers, particularly ceramic ones, can generate high levels of heat without combustion to improve cloud size.

2. Or are you most concerned with smoothness?

If you’re looking for a smooth, pleasant vapor from a wax vape pen, a coil-less disc atomizer is usually the way to go. These atomizers heat waxes more slowly to give you very pleasing vapor clouds.

3. Will you be using your pen mostly on the go?

For vaping on the go for hours at a time, battery life will be important. After all, you don’t want to have to stop and plug in your wax and oil vape pen when you’re away from home.

4. What size is right for you?

Larger vape pens tend to have bigger chambers to hold more material and larger batteries with longer lifespans. Smaller vapes can be easier to carry and more discreet.

5. What’s your budget?

The prices of wax pens can vary greatly, so you should have a budget in mind before you shop.

If you’d like some help deciding which of these three models would be the best dab pen for you, check with The store carries all three models, and their customer service is great. They even have vaporizer review articles online for you to read, so you can learn more about these and other vapes.