Some places leave a mark in your head and heart with its culture, history, and struggles. India is one such land which is quite popular among people worldwide both for good and bad reasons. Good because of its diverse nature and bad because of its certain backwardness. Talking of today’s time, since the time Lion have made its way to the Oscars, globally people are again wanting to visit or revisit India. And that’s a terrific thing for us because we believe in AtithiDevoBhava – Guests are God.

Now let’s hone our physical and cultural landscape to know those golden things why people love to come back to India again and again.


People and their bond:

Go anywhere in the world, and show me one place alike India where relationships are so sacred that they are worshipped! You cannot find anywhere like India. People fall in love with people here the most. The hospitable nature, the love that a grandpa shares with his grandson, or the fun with which even the street kids live – are enough reasons for people to come back here. When an outsider sees a girl tying some decorative thread on her brother’s wrist or a brother shops for rakhi gifts for sister in India, he/she instantly falls in love with India. Because something so unique yet traditional is nowhere available.

Architectural beauty:

People may go to Spain or any French colony to find beautiful pictures and architecture or monuments but they would always remain startled with the Taj Mahal and its mysterious beauty. The Red Fort, Hawa Mahal, Mysore Palace, Amber fort, Mehrangarh fort, Khajuraho temples, etc. – the list is quite a long one. There is some kind of fascinating stories in the bricks of these forts and monuments that compels people to visit again and again. Talk of engineering excellence or the maintenance – everything about these architecture of India is simply outstanding.

Gastronomical Call:

Don’t you think that food alone is a big reason to come back to India multiple times? Food here is as diverse the culture, religion, and colors of this country. From simple non-spicy food to extremely spicy, baked or steamed to deep oil and butter fried, vegetarian to non-vegetarian – all types of food are here to call people again and again. One type of cuisine is diverse enough here to make you try one type per day for 30 days at least.

Chaos and Noise:

Believe me, the foreigners who are used to live alone mostly in their own apartments love India for its colorful chaos. The western culture are raised in a way that you would hardly hear them raise their voices. Yes, they listen to rock music but taking a holistic approach, they love their space of silence. We lie at exactly opposite end where chaos, drama, and noise wakes us up in the morning. Traffic jams are never relaxing, streets are always over-crowded, incessant honking of cars and buses keeps the music alive in the city.

This is true India in all its vivacious nature for the world which they love. And we also love people visiting us time to time.