2017 has been hard. Celebrity scandals, Donald Trump, the Justice League movie – it’s not been an easy ride at times. Thankfully, we have some brilliant subscription boxes to cheer you up before the year ends.  From tasty snacks to beauty, to some of the best candles we’ve come across, these boxes will be sure to make the rest of 2017 a little brighter and get you ready for a better 2018. Check them out below.


Graze gives you a variety of different snacks to choose from. Whether you’re after protein flapjacks, smokehouse BBQ crunch, or a variety of other tasty snacks that can be low calorie or high in protein, Graze gives you what you’ve been craving for $11.99 a month and has regular promotions, so get ready to snap those deals up.


Birchbox is a must have for beauty fanatics. You fill out a profile showing your beauty preferences, then the experts over at Birchbox send you five samples of both prestige and niche brands, with instructions on how to use them. You pick the favorites that you want to keep and can choose to buy full-size versions in Birchbox’s store. All for around $10 a month.

Candle of the Month Club

For literary lovers and candle cravers, this box is perfect. Every candle is inspired by literary themes and you get one hand-crafted candle delivered to your front door every month. With quirky themes like Sherlock’s Study Candle and prices as low as around $22 a month, the candle of the month club is not something you want to miss.

Shaker and Spoon

For those aspiring bartenders out there, or just you drink enthusiasts, Shaker and Spoon has you covered. Every month they’ll send you three unique recipes and everything you need to make them (apart from the liquor). You’ll get enough stuff to make four drinks of each recipe so you there’s no excuse not too host that cocktail party you’ve been promising people. You can get Shaker and Spoon for $50 a month.

Runner Crate

If you have a passion for exercise, or you just want to lose a few pounds in anticipation of Christmas, Runner Crate is for you. Filled with healthy snacks and running gear, it will get you fueled and ready for those challenging runs. You’ll be hitting those marathons in no time, or at the very least you’ll have some nice snacks to fuel your running in the meantime. You can get Runner Crate for as little as $18.97 a month.

Awesome Crate

It’s never a bad to spend more time with family and awesome pack gives you an easy way to do just that. It’s filled with goodies, board games and family activities to keep everyone entertained. Get it for $39.99 a month.

Hopefully, these boxes can help make the end of 2017 a good one and get you ready for 2018. Whether it’s healthier eating, amazing candles to accompany your reading, or finally learning how to mix cocktails, you’re bound to find something you enjoy.