Here are 7 tips you have to take into consideration when thinking about creating great wooden toys for your kinds.

1. Choose All natural Materials

So many of the toys manufactured today are made from cheap plastic and even recycled garbage. There really is no need to make even more. What makes handmade toys so wonderful is that they are constructed using on natural materials such as: wooden, fabric, stone, clay, silk, cotton, etc.

Toys that are made using these natural materials always look and even feel better and they are relatively easy and simple to make. It is great to work with wood or natural fabric and it is a safer option for people of all ages.

2. Opt for Designs that are Original Toy Designs

Before you begin the project always choose the design carefully. By doing so you will find that it will provide you with some inspiration. Making a toy like this is really impressive and you do not have to stick to the design completely; use it to give yourself ideas. The Internet is a great place to find some really great toys and to help you choose the toy that you want to make.

3. Don’t Bite off More than You can Chew

Do not choose a toy that is particularly complicated but rather go with something a little simpler. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a more complex toy it will naturally require more skill and precision on your part. Simple toys do not require as much skill and therefore can be made by almost anyone who has some patience and is willing to practice. If you are a beginner rather choose a simple design. Toys that are made from fabric or plush material are also great for the beginner.

4. Use Paper First

Before you invest in what might turn out to be pricey materials try making a model of the toy using regular paper. Naturally there are some toys that make this impossible, such as plush or wooden carved toys. You might be surprised to know that those with different parts or which use some mechanics are usually the ones that you will be able to model using paper. This is sort of rehearsal before beginning and it will give you a general idea of what the finished product will look like.

Bear in mind that making the toy well out of paper does not necessarily mean that you will do so when you are busy with the real thing.

5. Painting the Finished Toy

Sometimes it is preferable to leave the toy in the original color of the material that you used. If you’ve made an old-fashioned type of wooden toy this is especially so. However the majority of toys look best when painted. If the design doesn’t suggest certain colors then use your own imagination. You will be able to get a lot of ideas when you view the designs and toys available online.

6. Cams and Cranks

If you really want to impress consider making something that uses mechanical parts with gears. Toys that make do with cams and cranks can really impress the kids and are more enjoyable than toys without these features. It is not that difficult either. Take a look at some great cam toys that you can make.

Invariably wood is the material used for making handmade cam and crank toys but sometimes there are metal components. It is important that you do not feel intimidated when it comes to trying out different materials and you might even use some parts of old, broken toys, such as plastic wheels which can save you money when renewed for a new toy.

7. Safety is Key

Of course it is necessary to consider a few safety tips. Obviously you need to exercise some degree of care but you might not know exactly how. Some toys contain fake blood in them and these can be really great fun provided that the blood is not real!

Always err on the side of caution when you work with woodworking tools and other sharp objects like needles if you are working with fabric. Most importantly of all, the toy you make should also be safe for the child who will play with it.